My New Children's Book, 'Black Women Who Dared', is now available!

Naomi is a self taught, Interdisciplinary artist and author.  As a Black woman, Naomi is forever interested in African diasporic histories and how they connect to Black experiences and identity.

Her work stems from collaborating with grassroots organizations and publishers such as, but not limited to, Black Lives Matter, Graphic History Collective, Certain Days and Al Majdal Quarterly Magazine where she has done numerous illustrations, including posters and t-shirts with themes of resistance and empowerment.

Group Exhibitions

2018   Remember/Resist/Redraw, Peel Art Gallery, Annemarie Hagan, Peel, ON, Canada 2017 Black Futures Month, Black Lives Matter, United States

2017   Light Grows the Tree, B.A.N.D. Gallery, Liz Ikiriko, Toronto, ON, Canada

2017   Remember/Resist/Redraw, Mount Royal University, Sean Carleton, Calgary, AB, Canada

2016   Welcome to Blackhurst, Markham House, Chinedu Ukabam, Toronto, ON, Canada

2007   People's History of Kanada Poster Project, Rhizome Cafe, NOII, Vancouver, BC, Canada


2018   Westbank, Mirvish Village, Toronto, ON, Canada, 200 ft Wall Exterior

Published Work

Black Women Who Dared. Toronto: Second Story Press, 2018. Writing and


You Care Too Much, Toronto: With/out Pretend, 2016. Pages 60-65. Writing
and Illustration.
“On Self Care, Race and Representation in Zinemaking” Broken Pencil
2016: Page 72. Writing.
“Imagining Black Vancouver” Briarpatch 2014: Pages 28-31. Writing and
Photo Montage.
“People's History of Canada/Kanada Poster Project” WestCoastLine 2007:
Page 84. Poster Illustration

Self Published Work

Black Women and Self Defense: Thoughts on Personal Space and Reclaiming
our Streets, Zine, 2016
Black Women and Self Care: Thoughts on Mental Health, Oppression and
Healing, Zine, 2015


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