My Left Fist Zine


My Left Fist - Healing From Childhood Trauma, is a unique and limited edition zine that I silk screened by hand here in Toronto. This zine focuses on how trauma and depression can be felt in our bodies and in my case, my left hand. This is an accordion zine with a total of 8 illustrative panels that depict a self healing journey. The zine measures 3.5 inches in width and 5.25 inches in length when folded up and is almost 15 inches in length when unfolded.

These zines were hand, screen printed at a local silk screening studio here in Toronto. I used a bright, morning glory blue, water-based, acrylic ink on Neenah, Dessert Storm, 100lbs paper. Each zine was hand cut, hand scored and bone folded by myself.

Each zine comes in a plastic, resealable sleeve. Because these are limited edition, after they sell out, there will be no more.

*I think there are still a few in my studio/office I can score and fold, so keep an eye out in the future, I may put the few left on for sale. Will update soon.