Black Women & Self Care Zine


This zine is first and foremost for all self identifying black women as well as anyone who experiences mental health. In it, I share my musings on how mental health and our well being links to our experiences with oppression. The goal is to encourage more healing. There are also some DIY recipes included. This zine is written, published, designed, illustrated and printed in Toronto by myself. The front cover image is from a vintage advertisement for cigarettes. The zine is 21 pages, has a blue front and back cover and the rest is black words on white paper.

Remember, zines are a way for folks to self publish their ideas, knowledge and thoughts. Zines are known to have many glitches. I do not have an editor and you may see some imperfections along the way. The important thing is quality content. With that being said, I hope you enjoy this zine and please share with someone who you think could benefit and enjoy it.